Shariff Nasr is an award-winning director and writer with a talent for both

dramatic and comical narrative. He gets inspired by emotions we try to hide

or ignore and social problems to which we close our eyes. In his work, he

often uses comedy as a weapon to fight for social issues. He began his

career in advertising as a copywriter and utilizes those skills as a

creative director with a strong cinematographic vision. Shariff has

worked a lot with non-profit causes as well as big multi-national

consumer brands from all around the globe like Tommy

Hilfiger, Cupasoup and Axe. He is directing his long

feature film for cinema this year and

has written the succesful long feature romantic

comedy “f*ck love” in 2019 and is writing “F*ck Love 2”

at the moment. Shariff has won various prizes along the way,

including  ‘Best Commercial of 2009′ (Fonk),  ‘National Educational

prize for best film’ for his 50 minute documentary

‘Little Stars of Bethlehem’, several ‘SpinAwards

Audience awards‘, a ‘Grand Prix’ and more…