Little Stars of Bethlehem

This is a segment of the 50 minute documentary "Little Stars of Bethlehem" Screened on the Dutch Television and festivals.

Winner Dutch Education Prize - Best Film" Winner Best Documentary - Foreman Empire Filmfestival"

Little Noah's Last Adventure

When Noah finds out that the strawberries he has eaten are poisonous, he tries to say farewell to his parents and little sister before it's too late.

Winner best comical short at Caribbean Sea International Film Festival
Winner special values – Zero Plus Festival

Love Hurts

When Wendy enters a public toilet heartbroken, unconsciously her tears awaken a darker force and it appears that she is not alone anymore.

Winner ‘Golden quickie 2010’ (Quickflick)

El Houb

Moroccan-Dutch Karim returns to his family home and opens up to his parents about being into men. Their reaction inspires a journey of discovery through Karim's isolation as he attempts to break an ingrained culture of silence.

Winner Golden Calf 2023 Best screenplay of a feature film, Seattle queer film festival - best feature film 2022 and more...

When two city guards inspect a deserted tropical swimming pool, they are both overwhelmed by the different emotions that the place provokes.

Winner ‘Best Director, Best Actress, Audience Award and Runner up Best Film’ (48 hour Rotterdam) Winner Best Film (Open Doek season 2014-2015)

Watch Out

Ayman pays an unexpected visit to his grandfather, whose behaviour is eerily different.

Winner Best Film and Audience Award (48 hour Rotterdam)

Winner Best Sound Design (World Finals 48 Hour / Filmapalooza)


Shariff Nasr is a director, writer and stand-up comedian from the Netherlands who likes to raise awareness to social issues. He gets inspired by voices we don’t hear, emotions we try to hide or ignore and social problems to which we close our eyes.

Shariff often uses humour as a weapon to fight serious issues. After finishing the film academy, his career began in advertising as a copywriter and he utilizes those skills as a creative director with a strong sense of aesthetics in cinematic style.

Shariff has worked a lot with non-profit causes as well as big multi-national consumer brands from all around the globe like Tommy Hilfiger, Fisherman's friend and Axe. His long feature film "El Houb/The Love” has been sold to countries like USA, Canada and Germany for theatrical release, Shariff Nasr has won various prizes along the way, including the 'Golden Calf' ‘Best Commercial of the year′ (Fonk), ‘Audience awards‘, a ‘Grand Prix’ and more…


Wakker Dier

Best commercial of the year ( / Fonk)

Videoland - Lovebus
Cinecrowd - Isadora

Commercial for a dutch animal welfare organisation

Commercial for a Dutch streaming platform

Commercial for a Dutch crowdfunding platform for film

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