Shariff Nasr is a director, writer and stand-up comedian from the Netherlands who likes to raise awareness to social issues. He gets inspired by voices we don’t hear, emotions we try to hide or ignore and social problems to which we close our eyes.

Shariff often uses humour as a weapon to fight serious issues. After finishing the film academy, his career began in advertising as a copywriter and he utilizes those skills as a creative director with a strong sense of aesthetics in cinematic style. Shariff has worked a lot with non-profit causes as well as big multi-national consumer brands from all around the globe like Tommy Hilfiger, Fisherman's friend and Axe. His long feature film "El Houb/The Love” has been sold to countries like USA, Canada and Germany for theatrical release, Shariff Nasr has won various prizes along the way, including the 'Golden Calf' ‘Best Commercial of the year′ (Fonk), ‘Audience awards‘, a ‘Grand Prix’ and more…

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